Hello everyone, we hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s learning:


We’d like you to look at o-e phone home. This sound has been sent home already so you can read the words and look at the sound card. There’s also a video to support your learning:

As an extra challenge, try writing down the o-e words. Don’t forget to use Fred fingers to help you sound words out.


For English, we would like you to complete the activities on pages 4 and 5 which focus on noun phrases. This is building on yesterday’s work about nouns and adjectives. We have also used noun phrases in school when writing setting and character descriptions.






Today’s activities on pages 4 and 5 are further practice using a number line to add and subtract. 

United against bullying

The theme for this year’s anti-bullying week is United Against Bullying. Watch the video to find out more information. 

In your learning pack there is a jigsaw piece for you to write a pledge, something you will do to help stop bullying. On the jigsaw piece write your sentence which could be:

My class chooses to unite against bullying/name calling/bullying so I will…

Then explain what you will do play your part such as treating everyone with respect or tell a teacher if you hear someone saying something unkind. 

You can then decorate your puzzle piece to make it stand out.

We love seeing the work you have been doing so remember to send it in to year2@hartonprimary.co.uk.

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