Our Early Years Curriculum Intent

At Harton Primary School, we strive to provide the best for every child. We believe the early years enable children to build solid foundations for future learning. The staff at Harton consistently apply a great level of care and understanding towards the needs of all pupils.  We provide equal opportunities and high-quality early education for all, which is especially important for our disadvantaged pupils. We foster an inclusive approach to education and quickly identify special educational needs and disabilities to ensure children promptly receive additional support so they can progress well in their learning. We believe all children should have a high level of self-worth and pride, giving them the confidence to believe that their own opinions are important and valued in our school. In the early years, we promote independence and enable children to play, explore, be active in their own learning, create and think critically.

We understand how important it is that children feel happy and safe in our early year’s environment. We pride ourselves on developing purposeful relationships with our pupils based upon mutual respect. Children’s experiences in our early years is central to the thinking of all staff.

At Harton we offer a rich, broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses the seven areas of learning and is tailored to match the children’s interests. We provide purposeful opportunities that allow the children to explore and thrive. Our environment is engaging, stimulating, challenging and fosters personal, social and emotional development. From an early age, we encourage the children to learn about the surrounding world and their crucial role in society. Our school sits in the heart of the community and trips and visitors are carefully integrated into our curriculum to build upon children’s cultural capital. We know this enables them to develop a real love for learning. All staff have high expectations of the children, which is reflected in our ambitious planning. At Harton we understand the importance of developing children’s key skills in early literacy and early mathematics as we believe this is fundamental for future success.

At Harton children are powerful learners. We understand that play is an integral part of learning in the early years. We believe that the correct mix of adult directed play, child-initiated play and planned group sessions guides learning best and ensures the greatest outcomes for pupils. In early years we carefully organise enabling environments both indoors and outdoors to ensure children develop.

Parent’s have a significant impact on their child’s learning. We work together with parents to build strong and respectful partnerships. We listen regularly to parents and give them clear information about their child’s progress. It is our intent that by working collaboratively, with the children at the heart of every decision, we give them the best chance to thrive in the early years at Harton Primary School.