Joe Wicks PE lessons have been so popular with our pupils, and with pupils all over the world. We know that keeping active is especially important at the moment, and maintaining physical health keeps our body healthy, as well as giving the ‘feel good factor’.

Mental wellbeing is as important to us as our physical health, particularly in recent times. So try taking 5 minutes out of a busy, or tiring day to practise 5 minutes of mindfulness – focusing on the present moment. Mindfulness can relax your body and mind, creating a feeling of calm.

Have a go with Tai chi – you can practise outdoors or indoors.

You’ll soon pick it up, and it could become as much a part of your daily routine as… brushing your teeth! Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed it when Ilona, a local Tai chi instructor, gave us lessons during Health and Wellbeing Week.

Follow the NHS Mindfulness link for further advice.


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