Good morning year 2,

We hope you are all well. Here are your home learning tasks for today:


We always start the day with phonics, last Friday we sent home the sound u-e huge brute. Read over the sound cards and look at the rhymes to help you remember that the best friends u-e and how the e changes the sound of the u. Now practise reading the words for each sounds, remember to spot the special friend and best friends!

Here is a link to Ruth Miskin online which will support your learning.


Challenge the children to spell and write the words using the correct sounds. There are plenty of useful videos available on the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel.



Using the English Activity workbook complete pages 2 and 3 which is looking at nouns and adjectives.


As an extra challenge, children could write a sentence using two adjectives and a noun to describe a favourite character from a story, a film or even their pet. Remember to try and use a comma in a list of adjectives.



For maths, complete pages 2 and 3 in your addition and subtraction activity book which is practising adding and subtracting using pictures. Following this, children could login to Numbots for more number practice.



Odd Socks day

This week is anti-bullying week, we kick started with odd socks day to celebrate everyone being different and unique.  We’d love you to design your own pair of odd socks for the school competition using the sheet included in your pack. Send any entries to

Here is a link to a virtual odd socks assembly for more information. We hope you have a great day.

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