2018-19 Academic Year

Toffee is very busy over this festive period.  It was another week where he was travelling between Adventure and Exploration.  He even got to be involved in some Christmas carol concerts.  Well Done Y1J & Y4W on sharing best attendance this week.

Toffee has had a fun-packed week with Y3W children for company this week.  He even got to go on a really interesting trip.  Well done Miss Winter’s class on best attendance this week.

Toffee has had a great week this week, spending his time with 2 different classes – Miss Hamilton and Mrs. Smith’s children have had him dashing back and forth between their classrooms all week.  Thankfully, they are both in Adventure corridor so his legs aren’t aching too much.  Well Done Y1H and Y2S on best attendance this week.

Toffee has travelled along ‘the street’ to spend a week with Miss Booth’s class.  He had met all of the children before and was very happy to see them all again.  Check out the slideshow for what he got up to.  He learnt all about Remembrance Day and World War 1.  He even ran in a cross-country race.  Well Done Y5B for best attendance.

Toffee has spent a week in Miss Mullea’s class.  He learnt all about full stops and capital letters and even went on a visit with the class.  We wonder if Toffee wore his hi-viz jacket?  Well done Y1M on best attendance.

Toffee loved being in Y2E’s class so much last week that he decided to spend another week there – he looks like he’s having lots of fun again and the children in Y2E were very happy to see him again.  Congratulations Y2E on best attendance two weeks in a row!

Toffee has extended his stay in the Adventure corridor for another week but this time he is spending his time with Miss Errington’s class – he always enjoys doing P.E. with children so he was super happy and even happier when he got to try jam and bread – well done Y2E on best attendance.

Toffee has been to Y1H this week.  Ms Hamilton’s class really enjoyed doing literacy with him.  Toffee learned all about owls as well.  The children’s bird impressions were a hoot.  Well Done Y1H on best attendance.

Two classes had to share Toffee’s time this week.  Toffee had to travel up to the Exploration corridor to visit Mr Forster’s class and then all the way down to the Adventure Corridor to spend time with Miss Winter’s class.  It looks like he had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things.  Well Done Y5F and Y3W on best attendance!

The new school year has begun and Toffee got to spend his first week with Y2S – Well Done Miss Smith’s class on best attendance in the first week of term.

Toffee Bear’s Chinese Adventure

Thanks to the good weather, we have all had a nice six weeks holidays from school.

Some of us stayed in South Shields but Toffee from our school went abroad.

He went on holiday with Benjamin from Year 4 – they went all the way to China!!

Benjamin and his family stayed in Qinhuangdao.  It is a coastal town 300km east of Beijing (China’s capital city) and over two million people live there.

Benjamin was visiting his grandparents but he got lots of time to take Toffee sightseeing.

Toffee really enjoyed his adventure in China; he met lots of different people.  Benjamin even took Toffee to visit a school.  Toffee liked it but he likes Harton Primary School even more.

We hope you enjoy watching Benjamin and Toffee’s slideshow.

It looks like they had an amazing time.


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