We have seen lots of fabulous examples of Health, Wellbeing and Relationships work across school, from our pupils engaged in remote learning and those pupils in school.

Some pupils in KS1 have been practising mindfulness by joining in with online story yoga, and also learning about what makes them special. Others have been learning about money, and having an awareness of saving money for something they need or would like.

In KS2, some classes have been thinking about what makes them happy, and their thoughts on this are all very unique. Researching issues facing cocoa farmers in Ghana and how organisations like Fairtrade are trying to improve working conditions and environment, has produced some interesting debate from some classes. Other pupils have created very informative posters based upon their awareness of basic first aid to do with nose bleeds.

Our Year 6 pupils have been looking at careers and potential jobs for the future, discussingĀ  things that might lead them to choose a certain job or career.






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