As you know, pets and other animals are so important to us and to our world. Here are some suggestions to help out our animal friends:

Being kind to animals

Have a kind play time with your pet. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to play, your pet should enjoy it.

Help to tidy up the area your pet sleeps in.

Create a corner for nature

A leaf pile – A leaf pile provides a place for worms, gives shelter to other creatures, and will also supply valuable compost that will naturally fertilise your garden’s soil.

Long grass and nettles – Long grassy areas will attract insects, provide shelter for animals, and give food for predators.

Logs – Logs provide an excellent hiding place for all sorts of amphibians, frogs and ground beetles.

Herbs and flowers – attracts pollinating minibeasts and birds.

A spoonful of water and sugar – a simple mixture of sugar and water will help revive an exhausted bee. Simply mix two tablespoons of white, granulated sugar with one tablespoon of water, and leave some on a spoon.

Bird feeder – recycle a plastic bottle.

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