We were so lucky to have astronomers from Kielder Observatory in school to do work with us about space.

Egg landers – we had to design and make an ‘egg-lander’, imagining the eggs were astronauts who needed to return to Earth safely from space. Could we help them land safely?

Investigating light – we looked at different colours of light, wore special glasses which showed us different colours of light, and used a thermal camera to see infrared radiation which is invisible to the human eye. Finally, we made bracelets with UV beads, which will change colour when exposed to UV rays from the sun.

Space rocks – we looked at real space rocks, which are billions of years old! These rocks fell to Earth as meteorites. We even looked at pieces of the moon and Mars.


Planets – we learnt lots of facts about the planets in our solar system and discussed their distance from each other and from the sun, making a human version of the solar system with inflatable planets.

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