Our first science topic in year 4 was all about electricity. We found out that electricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon but it can also be generated. It is the flow of tiny particles called electrons. Electricity can only flow when given a push from a power supply like a cell or a battery. We also know how to keep ourselves safe around electricity.
We learned how to draw symbols for the different components such as a cell, a bulb, a motor and a buzzer. We used these symbols to make circuit diagrams. Then we made a circuit with a bulb. We even looked at what would happen if we added more than one bulb to a circuit. We also conducted our own investigation about changing the number or types of components in a circuit.
We also investigated whether different materials were conductors or insulators. We did this by putting different objects into a circuit to see if a bulb would light. We’re going to use our science knowledge to make our own electrical greetings card.

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