We have been learning lots about the Romans so we were very excited to visit our local Roman Fort in South Shields. We took a tour around the fort, we learned that it was key military supply base to other forts along the wall. We visited the soldier’s barrack block, it was dark and cold inside their rooms! After that we went into the very impressive commanding officer’s house and spent some time in the Summer dining room. We really got a feel to what life would have been like for a soldier in Roman Britain!

In Geography, we have been learning lots about the rivers and seas around the UK! On our trip to the Watch House, we were able to view where the River Tyne meets The North Sea! We all enjoyed having a go in Mr. Ratcliffe’s jeep, he even let us play the siren before going inside to see how much the lifeboat brigade has changed how they respond to emergencies. We went to the very top of the Watch House and could spot lots of local landmarks- we could even see Tynemouth!



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