Harton Primary School has had a school council for many years now.  A new council is elected every year at the beginning of the Autumn Term, and allows children a full experience of the democratic process.  This is a key component of the ‘British Values’ strand of the curriculum.

Each class has preliminary ‘hustings’ in order to produce a short list of 3 candidates.  Voting slips were prepared, and these candidates stood up in class and gave their election address. Class by class, the pupils voted in secret, using privacy booths borrowed from the Town Hall and then placed their folded votes in the ballot boxes.

Four Year 6 children oversaw the whole operation from giving out voting slips, to counting the cast votes and identifying a class winner.

The newly chosen class representatives were announced in a whole school assembly and now wear their School Council badges with pride.

Meetings will be held regularly, and there are a number of items on the agenda already.  At the first meeting, representatives will elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

As far as possible, they will run meetings themselves to ensure that the pupils of Harton Primary do have a real voice!

Here’s a Year 5 Candidate’s Speech – she won the election!

Hello, ladies and gents.  I would like to start off by telling you something you probably already know about me and that is that from the age of 2, I have attended gymnastics classes.

But something that you probably don’t know is that, no matter how stretchy I may look, I am no Olympian and I do make mistakes.

However, I always try my best to fix them.  This shows that I am dedicated to any task I do and I will be dedicated to class Y5K.

I don’t know what your opinion of a great School Council Member is, whether it’s someone who’ll swap lessons for more play time or someone who’ll make every Friday ‘Pizza Friday’.  I believe that the greatest thing a School Council Member needs is to respect all opinions and decisions, attend as many meetings as possible and to make every day a memorable one, because as my mam often says, “Our school days are the best days of our lives.”

Just like Martin Luther King I have a dream and that dream is to make class Y5K a fantastic place to be because I believe that no decision about you should be made without you.  And I will help make decisions that help make year 5 a great year.

So please vote for me.

Thank you very much for your time.