Wednesday 6th January 2020

Good morning Reception!


Today we would like you to learn the sound ‘ee’. You will find a video at:

We would like you to watch the video, recognising and saying the ‘ee’ sound. Once the video has finished use your whiteboard from your home learning pack to practise writing the ‘ee’ sound.

Challenge: Can you write 3 words with the ‘ee’ sound?



We would like you to explore the White Rose session 3 Activity. The video and resources can be found at:

When you record your score, remember to use the Ten Town characters to form your numbers correctly.



Today is our PE lesson. We would like you to explore the Space Picnic sessions by Cosmic Kids Yoga.

This can be found at:


Remember to send photographs of any completed activities to


If you have any questions or need anything, please get in touch!


The Reception Team

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