In RE, we have been learning about the Northern Saints.

Elizabeth came to visit us to tell us more about them.

Christians believe:

  • They were different from angels.
  • They were holy people.
  • They had to have died to become a saint.
  • They are part of God’s family in Heaven.
  • They were Christians (followers of Jesus).
  • They looked just like everyone else.
  • The way that they lived pointed away from themselves and towards God.
  • God shines a light through the Saints
  • They would stand out from the crowd
  • They were a beacon, lighting the way to God.
  • Their lives were a reflection of God.

We got to hear some stories about St Aidan, St Hild, St Cuthbert, St Bede. We looked at the clothing and objects these saints would have worn and used when they were alive.

We ended the session by writing with ink and a quill, like St Bede would have done many years ago.

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