On Wednesday the 9th of November, the Lego League Harton Puzzlers had a visit from a water expert to help them with their Image result for hydrodynamics legoproject. John Robson from Northumbrian water listened to our ideas and helped us to develop them further.


We shared our idea of an ‘Eco-friendly’ toilet flush!

When it rains, the rainwater runs down the drainpipes and collects into a drum. We can then use the collected rainwater to flush our toilet.

John quizzed us on our ideas – for example, how would we get the water to an upstairs toilet?

We addressed this by installing a pump in the drum. John also helped us to extend this idea further – by suggesting we install a turbine in the drainpipe. This would allow us to generate electricity (meaning our product powers itself!).

Furthermore, we have the option to use a float in the drum. This will generate further power through the raising and lowering of the water: allowing our product work on renewable energy, and on a very small scale lowering CO2 use.

We have taken on board his ideas and developed our idea to match this expert advice, which we believe will make our product more appealing, eco-friendly and an overall better product.

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