This half term we have been learning all about toys from the past. We have been exploring how toys have changed from Victorian times to Modern day and trying hard to use historical vocabularly. We can discuss old toys and their properties and discuss how they are different to toys we have today.

As part of our topic we were visited by ‘That History Bloke’- Richard. We had a fantastic time  learning all about life in Victorian times and we even got the chance to play with some Victorian toys! We were excited to see the kind of things children in those times would have played with including Thaumatrope’s and Spinning tops! Some toys are still around today like Yo-Yo’s although they would be made out of plastic now.

We also visited the Discovery Museum and got to see even more Victorian toys. We are now experts in spotting which toys are from the past and which are modern. We took part in workshops were we even got to make our own Victorian toys and completed a hunt around the museum for Victorian toys using clues. We had a fantastic day!

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