On Monday 16th March, Y1M visited The Word. The children were very excited to explore the library because they just LOVE reading!

When we arrived, we got to go into the story room. Jolene our Librarian read us a brilliant story called “Silly Billy” by Anthony Browne.

This story is about a little boy has so many worries he can’t sleep at night. At first he feels really silly for being worried but when he talks to his Grandmother she makes him feel better. She tells Billy that everyone has worries and gives him some worry dolls to share his worries with. Telling the worry dolls his worries helps Billy to sleep at night.

After reading the story the class designed and named their own worry dolls and thought about any worries they might have.

Before leaving the library we also had a chance to explore the shelves… we loved looking at all the new books and some of the children became members, borrowing books to take home.


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