We look forward to welcoming your child to Harton Primary School on the dates shown in your welcome pack. We are excited to hold our stay and play events on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th September. We would kindly ask that only 1 adult attends this session with the child. It would be greatly appreciated if the adult attending could wear a face covering when entering the school building, to ensure we are following government guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope your child is as excited as we are to begin the new school year.

A very warm welcome to Harton Primary School!

We are so pleased to be welcoming you to our early years foundation stage setting from September 2020. We cannot wait to meet you all!

We will use this page to keep in touch and keep you updated so please visit it again! In the meantime, if you have any questions please email office@hartonprimary.co.uk or call us on 0191 4562150.

We hope you find this information useful!


Reception Staff

Home Visit

As part of our transition and to welcome your child to reception, the reception teachers will visit your home to deliver our reception welcome pack.

This will give you and your child the opportunity to meet the staff and ensure a familiar face on arrival in September.


Reception Welcome Pack

Our reception welcome pack will include lots of information about Harton Primary School. In the pack you will be able to find out reception transition sessions and start date, reception session times, school uniform information, staff information and contact details including our telephone number and website address.

There will be registration forms to complete and we hope you can return these to school on your first visit in September.


Reception Visits-September Stay and Play Session

In September you and your child will be invited to attend a one hour stay and play session. On the first visit you can stay and play alongside your child so that they become familiar with the reception environment and staff in the comfort of your care.

At this session you will have the opportunity to meet the teacher and share everything we need to know about your child. This may include likes, dislikes, particular interests or any allergies, medication or additional needs to help us plan for the care and development of your child.


September Start

Come September, we aim to settle your children into reception as smoothly as possible. Try not to worry too much about your child settling in as we know you will only be a phone call away!


Reception Transition Timetable


Week beginning 15th June 2020– Meet the teachers where reception teachers will visit your home to deliver your information pack.


September 7th or 8th 2020– Child and parent attend a one hour stay and play session (the date and time will be available in your reception pack). Pupil information forms to be returned to school on that date.


September 9th , 10th and 11th 2020- All children to attend school all morning and stay for lunch. Children to be collected from school at 12.45pm.


September 14th 2020– All children attend school for the full day.


Reception School Day          


Doors open: 8.45am

Lessons begin: 8.55am – 10.30pm

Reception playtime: 10.30pm – 10.45pm

Lessons resume: 10.45pm – 12.00pm

Reception lunchtime: 12.00pm – 1.15pm

Afternoon session: 1.15pm – 3.15pm


Reception Welcome Pack