Tchau, Toffee Bear 2. Toffee is travelling to Portugal!

SAM_2599 SAM_2600SAM_2601

Toffee is quite literally, going to be broadening his horizons over the next few weeks! In conjunction with the British Council, our school will be linking up with other schools around the world, by sending and receiving our school mascots. 

Each school mascot will be jetting off to various locations around the globe, with the recipient schools taking photographs of the mascot around their school, on school visits, and to local landmarks. An international mascot diary will also be completed by the pupils, to document the exciting activities the mascot will have been involved in, within each host school.

We can’t wait to receive our first mascot – it will begin its adventure by visiting the class with the best attendance. During our weekly Attendance Awards assembly, we will catch up with the mascot, and learn about the school and country it’s from.

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