Year 6 Carol Concert

Thank you to all who could come to Year 6’s final carol concert. The pupils performed brilliantly and I’m sure there were a few tears shed by those watching! It is amazing to think how much our Year 6 have grown since their first Nativity in Nursery. We are all very proud of them.

From all of Year 6, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018.

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happy and healthy 2018.

Showstopping week in Year 6


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What an exciting week Year 6 have had. We hope you managed to catch us on BBC Look North on Monday evening.

Some of the children were interviewed and they discussed the importance of staying safe online. At the end of the week Y6F also had their class assembly. They told their parents all about the work that they have done this term and shared some of their work.

With only 2 weeks left until the end of the term, we are still working hard and we have lots to look forward to including our Y6 Christmas party (14th December) and our Christmas Carol Concert (21st December).

Hear all about it!

Year 6 have been reading the famous Victorian tale, ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. The children have written some amazing newspaper articles about Jacob Marley’s visit to Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve. They have used a variety of journalistic phrases to make their work authentic.

Look out for these astounding articles on Pupil Progress Day!


Woodland Trust Project

Each class, from nursery to Year  6, has been involved in planting trees delivered by the Woodland Trust. We’ve planted them in our yard, in the far field and around the car park. It has been a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work as part of a team and to help the environment. Toffee even joined some of the children. Can you spot him?

We can’t wait to see the trees grow!


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Larceny, Arson and Murder in Y6A!

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Larceny, arson and murder are just some of the crimes 6A were arrested for during our Crime and Punishment workshop on Thursday. Their ‘mug-shots’ were taken to be stored in the event of future crimes they may commit. As a punishment, they were set to a five-minute stint of ‘soft-labour’ – separating rope into the thinnest strands to make stuffing for mattresses. Some of them quite liked it!

Year 6 Carol Concert Preparations

Rehearsals have begun for our Year 6 Carol Concert, which will be held on the morning of Thursday 21st December (times to follow in a letter soon). The children have been busy learning some new carols using different singing arrangements. There has been a lot of interest in our solo singing parts – which may have to become duets as the standard of hopefuls is so high!

The children have also been writing the scrips and readings that will link our carols together and tell the story of the Nativity. It’s going to be another difficult task to choose whose work will be used.

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Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Sock Day!

This year’s anti-bullying week got off to a fantastic start with our school’s involvement in Odd Sock Day , organised by the Anti-bullying Alliance.

First, the children were involved in an assembly, where their views on how they are kept safe in school and suggestions for developing this further were taken into account.

After taking some ‘creative’ photographs of the vast array of children’s socks, we talked about being unique – All Different, All Equal.

We will be entering our photographs in an Odd Socks Day Competition on Twitter – we are proud to be All different and All Equal.


Preparing Our Poppies

Preparing Our Poppies

On Thursday 9th November, we will be having a Remembrance Day assembly for the whole school. In order to prepare for this, Year 6 have made poppies out of clay. They will join the poppies made by the rest of the school in our assembly.

All of Year 6 enjoyed moulding the clay and getting messy making the poppies, although it was a bit tricky smoothing out the edges and getting the leaves to stick. When they were dry (thanks to the underfloor heating) they were painted ready for display.

We hope you like them, they’ll be coming home soon!

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Light – Year 6

This half term, Year 6 are learning all about Light in Science.


This week we have identified different light sources. We recognised that there are two different types of light:

  • natural
  • man made


Later in the week we have been learning about our eyes and how they help us see. We have labelled diagrams of the human eye and identified what each part does.

Our pupils control the amount of light we let into our eyes, we carried out a fun investigation where we closed our eyes for 30 seconds, then quickly looked in the mirror. We were amazed at how our pupils went small very quickly as there was too much light!