Last Wednesday, the children from year 4 had the opportunity to learn more about Ancient Egypt when they visited the Hancock museum in Newcastle. The children looked at all sorts of historical artefacts, recorded facts and even investigated mummies by taking part in a workshop. It was an excellent day, where the children represented themselves and the school superbly.



Year 4’s trip to an African market

Today, year 4 have visited an African market as part of their Literacy work, looking at stories from different cultures. They looked at a range of photos, videos, audio clips and had the opportunity to sample some of Africa’s finest fruits and spices.


Year 4 PE

This term we have been learning how to play Rugby. This week Year 4 were practicing how to intercept another player.


Year 4 Science States of Matter

In science Year 4 have been learning about the different states of matter.  One of our investigations was to show how heat can turn a solid into a liquid.  We used chocolate and our hands to demonstrate this process.  The children loved this investigation and the chocolate.