Toffee Bear’s Chinese Adventure

Thanks to the good weather, we have all had a nice six weeks holidays from school.

Some of us stayed in South Shields but Toffee from our school went abroad.

He went on holiday with Benjamin from Year 4 – they went all the way to China!!

Benjamin and his family stayed in Qinhuangdao.  It is a coastal town 300km east of Beijing (China’s capital city) and over two million people live there.

Benjamin was visiting his grandparents but he got lots of time to take Toffee sightseeing.

Toffee really enjoyed his adventure in China; he met lots of different people.  Benjamin even took Toffee to visit a school.  Toffee liked it but he likes Harton Primary School even more.

We hope you enjoy watching Benjamin and Toffee’s slideshow.

It looks like they had an amazing time.

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Crime Scene Investigation

Last week, the children investigated a mysterious crime scene in the community room. The children gathered evidence and then wrote newspaper reports about the incident. Some of the children also went on to present their news reports to a television audience, which you can watch below.

Harton News


Easter Praise Performance

This afternoon, year 4 performed a play called Easter Praise at St Lawrence’s Church. Following a lot of hard work and practise, the children acted and sang superbly. All the teachers were very proud of the effort and enthusiasm which was put into the performance. Special thanks to Reverend Paul at St Lawrence’s for allowing us to use the church and to Mr Richardson for playing the music.


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Holy Week at St Lawrence’s Church

In the build up to Easter this week, year 4 have had the opportunity to learn more about Holy Week by taking part in a range of activities at St. Lawrence’s Church. As part of their R.E. studies, the children enjoyed an afternoon exploring the different parts of the Easter story. Many thanks to Reverend Paul and the volunteers at St. Lawrence’s Church for hosting the activities.

Last Wednesday, the children from year 4 had the opportunity to learn more about Ancient Egypt when they visited the Hancock museum in Newcastle. The children looked at all sorts of historical artefacts, recorded facts and even investigated mummies by taking part in a workshop. It was an excellent day, where the children represented themselves and the school superbly.



Year 4’s trip to an African market

Today, year 4 have visited an African market as part of their Literacy work, looking at stories from different cultures. They looked at a range of photos, videos, audio clips and had the opportunity to sample some of Africa’s finest fruits and spices.