Making Mosaics in Year 3

We have been learning new skills to design and create a Roman-style mosaic tile. Grouting  was a little messy, but everything was enjoyable.



Zoe Scott visits Y3W

Last week Y3W were lucky enough to have an art workshop with local artist Zoe Scott. We created paintings of things which remind us of Summer including South Shields fair, Souter Lighthouse and camping trips.

First we sketched out our ideas and once we were ready we selected colours to paint with.

It was an amazing morning and we had lots of fun! Thank you Zoe for visiting us.


Y3W Visit Souter Lighthouse

As part of our Science topic Y3W have been learning about light. We have spent time finding out about different sources of light and how light is used in our everyday lives. We have really enjoyed this topic and the investigations we have carried out.

This week, as part of our learning we visited Souter Lighthouse. This visit gave us a chance to find out even more about light is used in our own community. We were amazed to find out that Souter Lighthouse was the first Lighthouse to generate electricity. We learned lots of other facts about the lighthouse, the role of the lighthouse keeper’s and got to climb right to the top of the lighthouse… climbing over 100 stairs! We even made our own lighthouses by creating closed circuits.

The children were fantastic and we all had a great day.

Here are some photo’s from our visit.


Y3E Visit Souter Lighthouse

On Tuesday we had a fantastic trip to Souter Lighthouse! We enjoyed our tour and learnt lots of facts about the Lighthouse, and how Lighthouse Keepers lived during that time. After lunch, we enjoyed learning about electricity and made our own lighthouses with a switch to turn it on and off. Here are some pictures of our work:

Art Morning in Y3E

We enjoyed spending our morning doing Art! Unfortunately, our local artist Zoe was too poorly to join us but we’re sure she will be thrilled with our paintings!

We began by discussing Spring time, and what we might see and do. Then we sketched our designs, before colouring and painting. We had a great morning!

Fantastic Attendance in Y3E!

We enjoyed celebrating on Thursday as 19 children in our class had 100% attendance for November! Here we are with our 100% attendance stickers. We hope to have Toffee Bear after Christmas!