Y2D really enjoyed planting sunflower seeds and Gladioli bulbs this afternoon.
We cannot wait to watch them grow – we are going to have a competition to see who’s sunflower grows the tallest.

What an ‘Arty Party’

Huge thank you to all of the parents who came along to Y2S’s ‘Arty Party’. It was such good fun and the recycled tops looked amazing. Who knew Belgium was such a exciting country?! We now can’t wait for Europe day on the first Friday back after half term!

Penguin Party in Y2S.

The children in Y2S had a super exciting morning at school.

We wrote letters home to invite our parents to our penguin party and to tell them about all the exciting things that we would be doing.

Firstly, we  showed our parents the amazing penguin adventure stories and non-fiction booklets that we wrote.  We then worked together with our adult to paint the clay penguins, which are absolutely fantastic. Finally, we  enjoyed some delicious penguin biscuits while we watched the penguin movie that we made before half term.

Thank you for coming.

Miss Smith.

Y2D Penguin Party!

Y2D had a great morning at their Penguin Party with their enthusiastic Parents and Gandparents! The children showed off their brilliant Penguin adventure stories, non-fiction information booklets and paint their clay model Penguins. The children finished off their morning by presenting their ‘Greenscreen’ Penguin videos to their parents.

Thank You to all our fabulous parents and grandparents for attending the children thoroughly enjoyed their morning!

Year 2’s Summer Afternoon

Year 2 have had a fun end to the first week back.

We made the most of the sunshine and took to the field to learn how to use all of our new sports equipment.

We can play with the equipment at lunch times now as well!

Lets hope the sun keeps shining!

Coal Mining in Year 2.

Year 2 had an excellent time at Beamish. We investigated the coal mine, looked around the colliery and also walked around the village as well as the town. It was an excellent trip and the children were fantastic! We continued our work about coal mining by making our coal mining carts and even having some bait after a long day. The stotties with ham and pease pudding went down a treat!

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Beamish! Y2D

Y2D had a fabulous day at Beamish on Friday! We loved going down the coal mine, being taught how to respect Sir and Mom in the school and playing with old fashioned toys, although some of the children did wonder ‘Miss Devlin, Mrs Lamb why is everything so old?’

We also enjoyed some traditional chips in Davy’s chip shop and because we remembered our manners the lady in the Jubilee Sweet shop treated us to a taste of the daily special! After a trip to the dentist with lots of questions about our wobbly teeth we ended the day with a ride on the old fashioned bus!