Final Maths Parents Workshop

Today, in our maths workshop, we looked at the different strategies for solving division problems. Miss Devlin, Miss Errington and Miss Smith are all extremely grateful to the wonderful parents for attending the workshops and for their kind, helpful feedback.

Pupil Progress Day

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The children, teachers and parents have had a fantastic morning taking part in a range of different activities.

The children and parents enjoyed:

  • Winter multiplication.
  • A character profile of an elf.
  • Writing their Christmas wish for our year group Christmas tree.
  • looking through their books showing the amazing progress the children have made in Year 2 so far.

Fire fighting then and now

Year 2 were very fortunate to receive a visit from Julie, the fire fighter. She taught us about the difference between fire fighting in 1666 and today. We looked at modern day fire resistant clothing and some children were lucky enough to try it on!

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Woodland Trust Project

Each class, from nursery to Year  6, has been involved in planting trees delivered by the Woodland Trust. We’ve planted them in our yard, in the far field and around the car park. It has been a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work as part of a team and to help the environment. Toffee even joined some of the children. Can you spot him?

We can’t wait to see the trees grow!


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Y2S have been writing and asking questions based on the Great Fire of London.

We know how to ask questions and what important punctuation a question needs.

Why don’t you ask us?

A Busy Morning in Y2D!

Y2D have been at it again writing on the tables ! But it does help us! In maths we have been working out what 1/2 of a number is by splitting our desks in half and sharing the numbers between the 2 halves we really enjoyed it!

In Literacy some of us became interviewers and some of us went back in time and became a famous face from hundreds of years ago back in 1666 – Samuel Pepys. We wrote questions we would like to ask Samuel Pepys about his life and about the Great Fire of London, we then took it in turns to be an interviewer asking Mr Pepys questions and then responding as if we were Samuel himself – minus the curly wig!

Parents’ Maths club.

The Year 2 parents maths club took place again on Monday afternoon. The focus this week was different strategies to solve addition calculations and word problems.

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