Coal Mining in Year 2.

Year 2 had an excellent time at Beamish. We investigated the coal mine, looked around the colliery and also walked around the village as well as the town. It was an excellent trip and the children were fantastic! We continued our work about coal mining by making our coal mining carts and even having some bait after a long day. The stotties with ham and pease pudding went down a treat!

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Beamish! Y2D

Y2D had a fabulous day at Beamish on Friday! We loved going down the coal mine, being taught how to respect Sir and Mom in the school and playing with old fashioned toys, although some of the children did wonder ‘Miss Devlin, Mrs Lamb why is everything so old?’

We also enjoyed some traditional chips in Davy’s chip shop and because we remembered our manners the lady in the Jubilee Sweet shop treated us to a taste of the daily special! After a trip to the dentist with lots of questions about our wobbly teeth we ended the day with a ride on the old fashioned bus!

Y2D Story Teller Visit

Last week Y2D enjoyed a visit from Elizabeth the storyteller and had some great fun acting out the Easter story!

Miss Devlin was super proud of the detailed responses the children gave to questions Elizabeth asked us about the Easter Story!

Fun-filled Days in Y2E

We were very lucky last week because we had World Book Day and a visit from the local artist, Zoe Scott! We were especially excited because we finally finished reading The Christmasaurus on World Book Day!

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Y2D have had a very busy week last week – we dressed up as our favourite characters for world book day – our local artist Zoe Scott came to visit and we were rewarded with chill time in our amazing library for fantastic work in both literacy learning about Emperor Penguins of Antarctica and Maths solving money problems!

We have started to divide this week and are already quizzing through sharing and grouping problems!

Amazing we are!

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Y2S and Zoe Emma Scott.

Y2S have been super lucky this week to be the first class in the whole school to take part in a very special art workshop with Zoe Emma Scott. The children loved working with her and they created some very special spring pictures. We are hoping the amazing art work brings out the sunshine.