Continents and Oceans

Year 2 have been learning all about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We have studied Europe, Asia, Australia and North America so far. The children have had loads of fun investigating countries within these continents. They have produced excellent writing as well as fantastic art work.


Homework in Year 2.

This year in Year 2 homework will be on a weekly basis.

Maths homework will be handed out on a Friday and to be returned the following Thursday. 

English homework to be handed out on a Monday and to be returned Friday. 


If your child needs any extra support, the children can attend Homework club on a Thursday lunchtime.

The success of Canny Friday continues as our School Council led project has received national recognition. The project, which involved the collection of 1213 cans for the South Tyneside Food Bank, has received a ‘highly commended’ rating in the national Speaker’s School Council Awards 2017. Well done to all of our School Council members who worked so hard to make such a difference to our local community.

Mining with Billy Elliott!

Year 2 are learning all about the history of coal mining in the north east of England. We have been very fortunate to receive a visit from Bill Elliott (from Beamish, not the dancer) who taught us all about what life was like for a miner. We also had a brilliant trip to Beamish. All of the children donned their hard hats to explore the mine as well as visiting the school and the town.

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A canny afternoon at the food bank

The School Council were thrilled to visit the South Tyneside Food Bank last week. The trip, organised to celebrate the success of our ‘Canny Friday’ efforts, began with the children meeting the charity’s patron, Sir David Chapman. The School Council were keen to ask David and Maureen, a volunteer for Hospitality and Hope, about the difference that our donations had made to the lives of local community members. They were pleased to learn that almost all of our donations had already been placed into parcels and had been given to those in need.

After examining the contents of the food bank’s shelves, the children moved into another part of the building where they were surprised to find clothing, shoes, bedding and toys. Maureen explained that the charity were keen to support local families and individuals in a number of ways. The School Council could not believe their eyes when they discovered the soup kitchen, from which a variety of nutritious meals are served. The children enjoyed a drink and several snacks in the kitchen before returning to school.



Art Workshops With Zoe Emma Scott

The whole school have participated in Art workshops with local artist Zoe Emma Scott.

Zoe inspired the children by sharing pieces of her artwork and explaining ways in which they can make their work their own.

All children were set the challenge to illustrate their idea of a happy day. The artwork the children produced throughout the school was fantastic!

After much deliberation Zoe chose some final pieces to receive an art award and one lucky person had their art work printed! The children who received the art awards are as follows:

Nursery-Darcie D

Reception-Lexie H

Year 1-Maizie R

Year 2-Lily D

Year 3-Andrew A

Year 4-Maisie S

Year 5-Daniel R

Year 6-Kaitlyn E

Could you be a Buddy?

Excited by the delivery of our Buddy Bus Stops, School Council members met to discuss how these might best be used to help children feeling lonely in the yard. Council members explained that it will be important to have thoughtful children playing close to the bus stops if those feeling lost are to receive the help that they need. Could you be one of these helpful children, or Buddies, that the School Council are looking for?