Our visitor from the Baptist Tabernacle

Graeme came into Year 1 to tell us why Jesus told stories, and about one particular parable called The Lost Son, or The Prodigal Son. He talked about forgiveness and the strength of family. We had lots of great questions for Graeme.

Magical Realism Drawings in Year 1

Our Year 1 Art topic about Spanish artist Joan Miro is proving popular. His surreal paintings are so dream-like, but Year 1 pupils are able to comment upon what they think they represent. His paintings of farms inspired Year 1 pupils to produce their own drawings.


Hansel and Gretel Role Play

Year 1 have book reading the traditional tale, Hansel and Gretel. We were asked to orally retell the story, thinking about how using actions, tone and expression could help show character feelings throughout the story.  We performed the story to our peers.


Animal Antics

We have been learning about animals and the different classes they belong to. Our visitor from Animal Antics brought a range of animals to help us learn more about their differences and similarities. Can you name the animal class each creature belongs to?

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Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange – Feliz Navidad!

Our pupils made some fabulous Christmas tree baubles to send to the children in Miss Lovatt’s new school in Spain. We wrote ‘Felize Navidad’ on some of them, which means Merry Christmas in Spanish. We are looking forward to receiving some traditional Spanish decorations soon.

The Storyteller Shares The Christmas Story

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Elizabeth the Storyteller. She shared with us her  own version of the Christmas Story. She asked us how we would have felt at different points in the story, and asked questions to see if we had understood it. The Storyteller left us with some Story Stars to decorate and take home – that means we can become Storytellers ourselves when we hold a star.


Woodland Trust Project

Each class, from nursery to Year  6, has been involved in planting trees delivered by the Woodland Trust. We’ve planted them in our yard, in the far field and around the car park. It has been a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work as part of a team and to help the environment. Toffee even joined some of the children. Can you spot him?

We can’t wait to see the trees grow!


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