Easter Storyteller

Elizabeth the storyteller made a return visit to Year 1 with props to help explain the Easter Story. We acted out the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem and she even brought palm leaves.

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Year 1 Perform Noah.

All of the Year 1 pupils were amazing during their performance of Noah.

We would like to thank everyone who came to watch and support them.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


The Storm Whale – Free Verse Poems

Year 1 have been working together this week to write our storm poems. We used music and videos and created our own illustrations to imagine the story setting during the storm and afterwards.

This helped us to describe the scene using short sentences and similes.

Working in our groups, we then used our sentences to create a group poem. After we created our free verse poems, we had the opportunity to work with our groups and perform them.

Miss Cook helped us to make a card to give to someone special this Sunday. We tried very hard to fold the card to make flowers using our new found origami skills. We found out that when you fold a square in half, it can make a triangular shape. If you fold it again, it makes an even smaller triangle.


Y1R had a fantastic morning at The Word. Jolene the librarian was an amazing storyteller – she brought the story of ‘Silly Billy’ to life. Billy is a young boy with many worries. He doesn’t know how to deal with them, until he is given some Guatemalan worry dolls by his grandma. We gave names to worry dolls in a picture, and wrote some examples of worries that we could share with them. Afterwards, we chose a library book to take back to school to read. We also created our own worry dolls from wooden pegs in case we ever need them.