Netball club.

During the past term, some of our fantastic pupils at Harton have been taking part in Netball club. The children can only be described as : dedicated,hardworking, driven, resilient and they should be so proud of themselves. They have only been playing for four weeks and the progress of the team has been outstanding. I am so proud of them and can’t wait to see them play in the tournament after half term.

Well done to all have been involved. Keep up the hard work.

Miss Smith

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Basketball Tournament

Three Year 5 teams recently took part in a basketball tournament at Temple Park organised by Newcastle Eagles.  All the children really enjoyed taking part and one of the teams was unlucky to lose in the final on a basketball shoot out.

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School Football Teams

This year the school has 3 football teams. A Year 6 team, who are currently joint top of their league, a Year 5 team, who are playing against Year 6 teams, and our first ever girls team.  All of the boys and girls have played really well this year and made big improvements.

Hoops4Health with the Newcastle Eagles

On the 10th of October, we had a visit from players of the Newcastle Eagles basketball team, including the head coach Fabulous Flournoy for the Hoops4Health roadshow. Once we all went into the hall, we were introduced to the players and they explained why they were visiting, including what we would be doing during the afternoon.

We started by talking about how we can be healthy, keeping ourselves hydrated and ways to exercise more. We warmed up by stretching our muscles; little muscles, like the eyebrows and shoulders, and our big muscles, like our legs and bums.

Next we talked about the most important muscle in our body: the heart. We found where it was, what size it was and how to find our pulse. Our pulses were quicker when doing exercise and slower when inactive. To prove this we did 10 seconds of active movement, such as sprinting on the spot, press ups and star jumps.

After our exercise, we did three different workshops about staying healthy. One workshop was about hydration and how important it is to keep us healthy. We now know loads of facts about water, let’s see how much you know: (Answers will be at the bottom, try not the cheat)

Working out the water questions.

Q1. How much of the earth is covered with water?

Q2: How much of the water in the world is available for us to drink?

Back in the hall, we completed drills to keep our heart rates up. These drills included dribbling relays – using both our hands – and passing the ball around our waists and between our legs.

In the final workshop we thought about ‘feeling good’ and looked at our well-being. We looked at recognising things we are good at when at home, school and in sport.

Q3: rearrange these letters to make a word – W E M T K O A R

We all came back to the hall, with our golden tickets for a Newcastle Eagles match. Our afternoon ended with a competition for some prizes. When Fab bounced the ball we had to clap, if we clapped and he didn’t bounce the ball, we were out.

Quickly, we began to fall. The final 4 people got prizes, with the final between Jessica and Hannah. The overall winner was Jessica, who won free tickets for her whole family to go VIP to an Eagles match.

Our winners of the game with the coaches.


1: 2/3 (around 66%)

2: 1%

3: teamwork

We are the champions!

The school football season has started again in the last couple of weeks and a strong Harton team have continued to dominate the Coyne League.  In their last four games the results have been:

Harton 10 v 0 SS Peters and Pauls

Harton 5 v 0 Westoe Crown

Harton 3 v 0 Marsden

Harton 3 v 0 St Oswalds.

At the end of the season the boys have won every game without conceding a goal and scoring 41 goals in the process.


Well done boys.

Wow! 249 cans so far!

Our School Council members have been carefully counting your cans of food. They were thrilled to find that our first ‘Canny Friday’ resulted in 249 cans being collected for the South Tyneside Food Bank.

We’re looking forward to our next Canny Friday (17th March) already!


Boccia Festival

On Wednesday, the 1st of March, 12 pupils from Year 4 took part in a Boccia festival at St Josephs R.C. Academy.  Despite this being a new sport introduced to the borough, and the children never having played a game before, they were able to finish 4th out of 24 teams that entered narrowly losing a semi final to the eventual winners.  All the children really enjoyed themselves and look forward to playing the game again in the future.