Canny Friday!

This half term, our School Council are collecting donations of canned and other dried foods to help the South Tyneside Food Bank. Providing emergency food parcels for local individuals and families in crisis, the food bank is run by ‘Hospitality and Hope’. This is a Christian faith based charity that was established in 2002 to help support vulnerable individuals from within our community.Webpost_cansoffood

Donations of canned and dried foods for the food bank can be sent into school with your child each Friday. Our School Council members will be involved in sorting these donations, prior them being collected by the charity.

The first ‘Canny Friday’ will be held on Friday 10th March. The event will continue to be held, each Friday, until the end of term.


School Council visit to Jarrow Town Hall

On Tuesday 17th January, our School Council were invited to Jarrow Town Hall to meet the Mayor and Mayoress of South Tyneside.

After viewing the outside of the building and looking for clues regarding its age, the children enjoyed moving inside to visit the Jarrow Crusade exhibition. They learnt that the (council organised) 300 mile trek to London occurred 80 years previous.

Next, our School Council moved into the Parlour where they were able to handle the Mayor’s mace and ceremonial chains. They were amazed at the weight of these, not to mention their value.

Finally, the children explored the Council Chamber. They learnt about local democracy and were granted special permission to sit in the Mayor’s chair, before signing a special book to show that they had been.

Many thanks to our parent helpers for accompanying us on this visit.


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Healthy Packed Lunches at Harton

A School Packed Lunch Policy has been developed with support from pupils, members of the School Council, school staff, the school catering service and governors. The aim of the policy is to encourage a consistently high nutritional quality in lunches brought from home.

It is hoped that parents and pupils will support this policy which is due to commence at the start of the Summer term.

Ideas for types of food that can be included in a healthy packed lunch are given in the policy, a copy of which can be accessed by clicking here.