Holy Week at St Lawrence’s Church

In the build up to Easter this week, year 4 have had the opportunity to learn more about Holy Week by taking part in a range of activities at St. Lawrence’s Church. As part of their R.E. studies, the children enjoyed an afternoon exploring the different parts of the Easter story. Many thanks to Reverend Paul and the volunteers at St. Lawrence’s Church for hosting the activities.

European Christmas Card Exchange

Before the Christmas holidays, every year group created beautiful Christmas cards to send to other European countries. We have received cards from schools in lots of countries including Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Wales and Latvia. Each year group also received their own set of cards created by children at another Spanish school. Y2E were also fortunate enough to receive personal Christmas cards from their new pen pals in Spain. We can’t wait to take part in more international projects!

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Zulu Warriors Visit Harton Primary School

Zulu Warriors visited school today and everybody got to take part in the activities.  Zulu warriors are extremely strong and also very graceful.  They shared their music and dance with children, even getting some of them to join in.

We hope you enjoy our photographs and videos.

Zulu warriors use drums and percussion to create rhythms for their dances.

We took lots of photos – the zulu warriors wear amabeshu and use fur and feathers to decorate their heads. They use goat skin and fur to decorate their arms and legs.

The Zulu Warriors enjoyed the spectators in school – they wanted us to join in with their dances.  One of our children joined the warriors – he was very good!

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We loved the dances and the singing – we hope that the Zulu warriors will visit our school again.



Rio Carnival in Y2E

This week, we found out about the continent South America. The biggest country in South America is Brazil. We celebrated the Rio Carnival by designing and decorating amazing masks! We listened to the sounds of the carnival so we could pretend we were there.

The Return of Toffee 2!

He’s back! After a three month road and aeroplane trip around Europe, Toffee 2 is pleased to be back home. He’s had plenty of adventures and received lots of care from the pupils in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Manchester. His special book which travelled with him, contains details of what he has been up to.The ‘Our Cute Mascots’ project has been a great way to connect with lots of school children across Europe.

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La Belgique, la Suisse, et Mali! Just some of the countries represented by les animaux in our theatre workshop, run by TSF theatre group. Le lion, le lapin et la baleine were a few of the animals the Year 4 children had to perform as. They learned a lot of new language, as well as improving their ability to perform. The icing on the cake was when Year 4 got to perform alongside the actors. Year 4 and 5 were amazed at how much of the story they could follow, considering it was spoken in French!

Estupendo! Fabuloso! Art Day in Y4R

Salvador Dali, a well-known Spanish surrealist painter, was our artist of choice on Art Day. We read about his life, looked at his most popular works of art, and tried to work out the symbolism and meaning in his paintings. One of his paintings, ‘Los Elefantes’, showed the elephants having extremely long, thin legs, attached to regular shaped bodies. Very surreal!

Our own pastel and felt tip designs had a bird theme because we had been to Washington Wetlands on a visit, and were making information booklets about birds in Literacy.

The results were impressive, and we had a lovely day.

Art day in Y4S

In Y4S today, we have been celebrating Art day.

We focused on a very unusual painter called Salvador Dali and in particular we looked at one of his famous pieces of work ‘The Elephant’. As our new topic in Literacy is ‘ Endangered Birds’, we decided to take Dali’s work ‘ The Elephant’ and make it our own by making a bird version.

The children designed their drawing and then presented it on card and on a canvas. We also carried out research on Salvador Dali to find out about his other art work and his life.

Fantastic art work today 4S, Well done!

Building Friendships with Other Nations

This year, our school has been involved in a number of exciting projects overseen by the British Council. Once two or more schools decide on a topic for a joint project, the fun can begin! There are different aims and outcomes depending on the project, but all of the projects are run in friendship, with great communication, and much collaboration. Hopefully, this will inspire and broaden the horizons of our pupils.