Reading and writing stories set in Africa.

Year 1 have had a great time learning about Africa through stories like ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children even wrote their own ‘Elephant Adventure’ stories. African culture also provided the inspiration for their Easter concert production, which was set in Africa.

A Taste of an African Market.

Today, Year 4 took a trip to Africa and visited the very busy African market. This term, we have been looking at stories from a different culture including Gregory Cool and Grace and Family (which we have just started today).  In the story, Grace visits a traditional African market, which the children had the chance to experience today.


They looked at photos and videos of an African market, they tried fruit juices including: apple, mango, orange, orange and mango and a tropical punch. They also looked at a range of spices discussing the bright vibrant colours and the unusual smells that filled the market. The children also got the chance to try a range of African foods including: Mango, pineapple, sweet potatoes, spicy rice, plain rice, couscous, green and red peppers, pomegranate, and salsa.

The children will be using their experience from today to write a description of the market using the writing devices we have been looking this term!