May 22nd is non-uniform day in school.

It is exactly one year since two South Shields teenagers, Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry lost their lives in Manchester and our children have marked the day by wearing the colours of the Together Forever Trust – pink and blue.  Staff also took part.

Children have brought in a pound to wear pink and/or blue and some of them paid another pound for a Together Forever pen and/or an armband . Children knew all about the way the trust was trying to support children in both performance arts and sports and that their money would help other children through the trust.

Our assembly was not all Red with Harton Primary uniform today – pink and blue was everywhere!

We raised £1000 – well done everyone!  Thanks to pupils, parents and staff for their continued support.

If you would like to support the Together Forever Trust you can find more information on  their facebook page –



An ancient Mayan visits Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 had a visitor from ancient Mayan times, called Big Nose, to tell us about what life was like in those times, including: their beliefs; how they invented maths; the foods they ate from the rainforest; and lots more.

After a learning the Mayan numbers to 10 (complete with a competition of boys against girls, including a teacher round with help from good listeners), we sacrificed 5 children in different Mayan ways to please the gods. This included: decapitation, heart extraction, drowning, buried alive and shot by arrows.

Some children got to dress in Mayan clothes, and to find the most important person for a feathered headdress, we had to find out who could cross their eyes the best – since this was a sign of importance and beauty.

Next, we tried Mayan foods. However, we learned that many of the foods we eat nowadays made up a lot of the Mayan diet, such as avocados, peppers, corn (maize), beans and butternut squash. As well as their greatest export: chocolate. However, it was not chocolate we are used to – no milk. It was 85% cocoa. There were not many fans of the almost pure chocolate bar. 6 lucky (or unlucky) individuals got to try 100% pure cocoa beans – they were not fans either. The teachers also got to try some, but did not get that ‘chocolate fix’ from milk chocolate. It was described as bitter, salty and textured like nuts or sawdust.

After play and lunch, the year group was split to take part in drama sessions. They were split into a further 6 groups, then the children were given different situations to dramatise and deliver to the other groups. Each person needed to have an active role in the performance, no matter how quiet they were. We were told to be as funny and cheesy as possible to deliver the information to the rest of the groups, as we learn more when it’s fun.

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To end our day, we took part in another drama session, this time including the teachers, to learn about the Mayan creation story. The teachers played the parts of the gods (Kuklukan and Hurrucan), where we played the different animals, trees and people that were created by the gods.

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Harton Nursery’s Chick Watch

We get eggs delivered to school every Spring.  These are very special eggs because they come in an incubator.  Over the days, we get to see the chicks hatch out of their shells.I  t is very hard work.  So far, five chicks have hatched.  Maybe some more will hatch soon?

We made a film about the chicks.  We hope you like it.


….And by Saturday – all 10 chicks had hatched.  Here they are enjoying breakfast!

Extraordinary Writers

We are all so proud of the incredible writers at our school.

Children from across the year groups entered the BBC 500 Words Competition.

Some of those children were too busy enjoying the sunshine to have their photographs taken.

We’ve also found out that children from Years 1 and 2 are going to have their work published as part of the Little Riddler’s Competition.

The competition received over 15,000 entries and all 14 of our entries have made it into the book.

The Little Riddler’s competition will also run this half term for any children who wish to take part.

Word Millionaires

We were delighted today to present these three pupils with very prestigious ‘Word Millionaire’ trophies in assembly. Amie, Evie and Ashlee have been such enthusiastic and dedicated readers, both in and out of school that they have read over one million words through our Accelerated Reader program. We are very proud of them and hope to be awarding more Word Millionaires soon.

World Book Day 2018

The children had a brilliant day on World Book Day – they let their imaginations run wild and we had some brilliant fictional characters walking around our school.


Her are some of our favourite photographs.

Y3E enjoyed themselves!

Y5F – Mr Forster’s class (he’s the one with the long white beard!) – looks a bit like Billy Connolly?

Mrs Robson’s’s class – can you identify some of the characters?

Miss Hamilton and Mrs Langley’s class had their photo taken together.

And Y3W joined in the fun too…

Even the staff joined in!