Harton Puzzlers – Animal Allies – 1/11/16

This week we finalised our designs for the app, following homework we did over the half term.

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The whole afterschool session involved us making our badges to sell in school to raise both money and awareness for the Red Squirrels and our project.

We only had one accident, with the paper cutter, but we worked really well together. We had a real production line going when working, from cutting the images to loading up the press, to crushing the badge into shape.

We will be selling them next week, following our KS2 assembly to explain our project.

Harton Puzzlers – Animal Allies – 19/10/16

Throughout the week, we have been displaying posters around the school with red squirrel ‘Did you know’ facts. We chose our places carefully, to ensure people would see them. Examples included the entrance to our nursery, at the water fountain and on doors that lead  to the toilet.

By providing the school with informative Red Squirrel facts, we are raising awareness about them.

We also carried out a survey with 18 KS1 and KS2 classes, to find out: if they use apps on their phones; do they go out using their phones to take photos; and if they would like to help the Red Squirrels.

Survey 2

Thankfully, 387 children (out of 540 children) said that they would like to help the Red Squirrel. That is 72% of our school! Who would resist helping those cute animals?

With our new badge maker arrived, we spend our evening session finalising our badge designs. There was lots of copying, chocolate biscuits, citrus refreshments, complaining, chatting, clarifying (over the difference between acorns and pinecones) colouring and commenting (especially on Mr Forster’s design). Time for some choosing and cutting out for production of our badges.

Harton Puzzlers – Animal Allies – 11/10/16

This week is the second week of Lego League and we have all eight people here!

We are making posters about red squirrels to put around the school. We are also starting the Animal Allies project.

Last week we were given homework: To write facts about red squirrels. This was to help us with our posters.


Leeanda, Sofiya, Owen and Mathew are working on the posters. Jake D and Jake J are working very hard on the presentation to show the school what we are doing. The PowerPoint outlines our ideas as to how we might save the squirrels.File_003 File_001

Lastly, we are all designing badges to sell around school! The money from the badges will go towards the cost of adopting a red squirrel.


Harton Puzzlers – Animal Allies – 4/10/16

First meeting of the Harton Puzzlers had 6 members attending.

Our first session was finding out about red squirrells and how people interact with them. Using the iPads, we are found out information and facts about red squirrels. Our first project idea was to build a high bridge so they can cross the road safely. Then we found out that the main way people help squirrels is to help charities take care of squirrells by tagging where their habitats are on a website. Our idea is now based on this interaction.

Some facts that we found out about red squirrels tonight are:

  • They are only 140,000 red squirrels in Britain and they is 2.5 miliion grey squirrels.
  • Did you know grey squirrels over take red squirrels living habbits?
  • Did you squirrels only live up to three years in the wild, if in captivity, one can live for up to ten years.
  • Did you know the grey squirrels spread a disease called ‘Squirrelpox’? If red squirrels get squirrelpox, they will die, but it does not affect the grey squirrels.

We have also came up with lots of ideas to share our ideas around the school and community to help the squirrels.

  • Trying to arrange a trip to Woodthorn, as they have red squirrel feeders.
  • Arrange meetings with experts – either in person or on Skype.
  • Create a badge to sell to children in school to raise money for charity and raise awareness.

We have also been given a homework task to find ‘Did you know’ facts about red squirrels to display around school.