Making a difference in school and out!

Members of the School Council have been busy working their magic again. Not content with making a huge difference to their local community, the children have turned their attention to how they might be able to help fellow pupils within school.

Members of the School Council explained in their recent meeting that the yard can, at times, be a lonely place for some children. It is not always easy to find someone to play with, especially when close friends are absent or are eating lunch. After a lengthy discussion of possible ways around this issue, the School Council decided upon installing a ‘Buddy Bus Stop’ in each yard. Children who are feeling lost and in need of a friend can come to one of the Bus Stops to receive the help that they need.


Canny addition in Y3R brings the total to 1013!

Y3R have been busy putting their column addition skills to use this week. Led by School Council member Sadie, the children collected all of the cans received as part of ‘Canny Friday’. Having counted the cans collected from each class, the children then worked together to find the total using column addition. They found that, last week, we managed to collect 234 cans for the South Tyneside Food Bank, bringing our total to an amazing 1013!

The children also used their knowledge of previous weeks to estimate the number of cans and dried foods that they expected to receive as part of our final ‘Canny Friday’ this week. They were excited to explain their reasoning. What would your estimate be?

DSC03482 DSC03481 DSC03487

Shields Gazette visits the School Council

The School Council were pleased to show off their ‘Canny Friday’ efforts last week when the Shields Gazette visited the school especially to see their display. The children talked confidently about the project and the donations received so far. They cannot wait to give them to the South Tyneside Food Bank!

DSC03297 DSC03299

Canny donations all around!

In addition to counting the total number of cans received for each Canny Friday, our School Council members have also been busy recording the total number of donations received from each year group. School Council member Keira suggested this at our last meeting and the other children agreed that this would be an interesting idea. Year 3 are even going to analyse some of this data in their maths lessons next half term!


Last week, the Year 4 children helped to collect and count the cans. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations. A particular thanks go to the children of Y3R, who managed 33 cans, and to Nursery and Reception. In total, the children and parents from our Foundation Stage donated 46 cans for the South Tyneside Food Bank.


DSC03423 DSC03421 DSC03420 DSC03419 DSC03418



Definitely a Canny Friday!

The Year 6 School Council members had a busy Friday afternoon as they collected and counted all of the cans and dried foods brought in for Canny Friday. They were amazed to find that we had received 56 more donations for the South Tyneside Food Bank than the week previous. Jake was particularly pleased as he discovered that we had even managed to collect tea, coffee, UHT milk and several pasta sauces. These were all items that Maureen told us were in short supply at the food bank.


Our current total for Canny Friday stands at 554 cans, jars and packets. We’re looking forward to the next one (on Friday 24th March) already.

DSC03263 DSC03267


Wow! 249 cans so far!

Our School Council members have been carefully counting your cans of food. They were thrilled to find that our first ‘Canny Friday’ resulted in 249 cans being collected for the South Tyneside Food Bank.

We’re looking forward to our next Canny Friday (17th March) already!


Canny Friday!

This half term, our School Council are collecting donations of canned and other dried foods to help the South Tyneside Food Bank. Providing emergency food parcels for local individuals and families in crisis, the food bank is run by ‘Hospitality and Hope’. This is a Christian faith based charity that was established in 2002 to help support vulnerable individuals from within our community.Webpost_cansoffood

Donations of canned and dried foods for the food bank can be sent into school with your child each Friday. Our School Council members will be involved in sorting these donations, prior them being collected by the charity.

The first ‘Canny Friday’ will be held on Friday 10th March. The event will continue to be held, each Friday, until the end of term.


Choir perform in ‘The Spring Sing’ at The Sage.

Wow!! What a day! Some of Harton Primary School choir have been to the Sage today to take part in ‘The Spring Sing’. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Performing alongside nine other schools from South Tyneside and Gateshead we tackled songs like: The Banana boat song, Bare Necessities and even some current material like ‘Home’ by the Foo Fighters.  Our favourite was probably “Our House’ by Madness.

When we arrived we had a lovely carpet picnic before a rehearsal in an enormous performance space – Sage 1. Finally we performed on the Concourse in front of Mams and Dads and invited guests.

As you can see from our photographs we all made Easter bonnets for the occasion. Thankyou to Rachel, Evie and Alycia’s mam for coming with us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.




The Harton SOLE Club is Harton’s Self Organised Learning Environment

Today the ‘Hart-on-SOLE’ club started with one big question- Why can’t penguins fly?

The children came up with their own groups, shared facts with each other and recorded their ideas in their own way.

Do you know why penguins can’t fly?

Ask one of the ‘Hart-on-SOLE’ members why!

Well done to all members of the club ( Even Miss Smith found out something new)

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This year’s skipping club

This year’s skipping club have worked extremely hard to develop various individual skills such as:

  • double bounce
  • speed bounce
  • side swing
  • cross over

They have managed to do some of these, and other skills too, forwards and backwards. They have also developed skills with a partner and in a group. Some particular favourites included butterfly, face to face, baby fox, run jump out and Texas star.

IMG_0551 IMG_0561