‘All things grow with love.’

We have been taking care of our Nursery garden, removing the weeds and watering our daffodil bulbs.  Everybody in Nursery has planted bulb, we are going to give them some love and watch them grow over the next few months.



Nursery Visit to Cleadon Park Library

Nursery’s visit to Cleadon Park Library

Bumble Bees and Grasshoppers, Butterflies  and Ladybirds were very excited about their visit to the library.

We put on our coats, hats and gloves and off we went to the Library with our teachers, mums, dads and grandparents.

We listened to a super story and also had time to create a teddy bear, just like the one in the story.

Tiny Tweeties Visit

On Tuesday we had some very special visitors in Nursery…Tiny Tweeties, we were all very excited!

During our wake up and shake up sessions and singing time we sing lots of Tiny Tweety songs and move to the music with actions.

We sang lots hello songs, played instruments, puppets, calm down songs to end our session.


500 Words Competition 2018

Harton Primary School are, once again, promoting an exciting, nationwide competition for children aged 5-13 years called the 500 Words Competition.

500 words

The competition is run by the BBC, inviting children to write a FICTIONAL story of up to 500 words. It must be their own work and may not include work from other known stories. It can include real life characters (such as the Queen, Wayne Rooney or Guy Fawkes, for example) or characters they have created, but the events must be imagined. It can take place in historical eras such as the Stone Age or during the Fire of London, the present day or the future. All stories must be submitted in English.

The children will need to write their story at home and bring in a digital version from the computer on a memory stick (which we will return), in a named envelope with the permission slip below. We will then submit the entries on line on their behalf. Please mark the envelope with ‘500 Words Story Competition’.

There is a lot more information and inspiration online at

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1 (including details of fantastic prizes)

We request that entries are brought in to school by Monday 19th February. Please contact Miss Errington if there are any queries. Or, if you prefer, you can submit your child’s entry at home via the BBC Radio 2 500 Words website by Thursday 22nd February. Happy writing!

European Christmas Card Exchange

Before the Christmas holidays, every year group created beautiful Christmas cards to send to other European countries. We have received cards from schools in lots of countries including Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Wales and Latvia. Each year group also received their own set of cards created by children at another Spanish school. Y2E were also fortunate enough to receive personal Christmas cards from their new pen pals in Spain. We can’t wait to take part in more international projects!

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Basketball Tournament

Three Year 5 teams recently took part in a basketball tournament at Temple Park organised by Newcastle Eagles.  All the children really enjoyed taking part and one of the teams was unlucky to lose in the final on a basketball shoot out.

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Harton Puzzlers at the First Lego League 2017

After months of preparation, including: selecting new teammates; talking to water professionals, robot programming and reprogramming when things went wrong; survey taking, poster making and many more tasks, the day was finally upon us. On the 7th of December the Harton Puzzlers took part in the First Lego League’s Hydrodynamics challenge, as South Shields Museum.

We started our day with practises in ‘the Pit’, a room where all the groups were based. Our initial runs proved less successful than they were at school. Our first Robot challenge on the table gave us a score of 45 points. This was then followed by our technical talk – explaining our robot design and strategy for completing our table run.

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After a brief break in the Pit, we had to complete our presentation to the panel of judges. We talked through our idea to help the human water cycle – a water butt for using rain water to flush the toilet. We used bottles to show the amount of water it takes to flush a toilet (7.27L per flush!) and made a model made from Lego (obviously) to show how our design works.

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Next we had a long break until our next robot challenge, so we spent this time with half the group practising and altering the programming, and the other half talking to the other groups and getting them to take part in our Wayne Drop video game. They had to try and get Wayne from the clouds to our water butt, but avoiding leaves and birds flying past. Everybody got very competitive when playing and wanted to make it onto the leader board – including the organisers and Mrs Ratcliffe, when she visited us for support.

Our next robot challenge proved better than the first, with a new score of 50 points (5 were deducted because we had to pick up the robot from a mistake). Straight after this we had our ‘Teamwork’ challenge. We were given a task, to sort out a box of Lego and show how well we can work together as a team. This was followed by our final robot challenge with a higher score of 60 – missing out of 15 points from the tripod not landing in the desired position.

Here is the video of our final robot challenge:

We unfortunately missed out of the semi-finals – coming joint 5th – by only 5 points! We watched the semis and finals – with the Acers coming first!

The final part of our day was the presentations and awards ceremony. We did not win the day, however we did not come home empty handed. For our second year running, we won the Teamwork Trophy! Something we were incredibly pleased to achieve.

Our year 6’s are looking forward to a lunchtime outside, and the year 5’s will be keeping an eye out for the year 4 children they might want to join the team next year.