Autumn is here!

This week we have been looking for signs of Autumn. 

We looked in our school yard to see what we could find.

 Using leaves we made leaf print pictures.


Art Workshops With Zoe Emma Scott

The whole school have participated in Art workshops with local artist Zoe Emma Scott.

Zoe inspired the children by sharing pieces of her artwork and explaining ways in which they can make their work their own.

All children were set the challenge to illustrate their idea of a happy day. The artwork the children produced throughout the school was fantastic!

After much deliberation Zoe chose some final pieces to receive an art award and one lucky person had their art work printed! The children who received the art awards are as follows:

Nursery-Darcie D

Reception-Lexie H

Year 1-Maizie R

Year 2-Lily D

Year 3-Andrew A

Year 4-Maisie S

Year 5-Daniel R

Year 6-Kaitlyn E

Shields Gazette visits the School Council

The School Council were pleased to show off their ‘Canny Friday’ efforts last week when the Shields Gazette visited the school especially to see their display. The children talked confidently about the project and the donations received so far. They cannot wait to give them to the South Tyneside Food Bank!

DSC03297 DSC03299

Canny donations all around!

In addition to counting the total number of cans received for each Canny Friday, our School Council members have also been busy recording the total number of donations received from each year group. School Council member Keira suggested this at our last meeting and the other children agreed that this would be an interesting idea. Year 3 are even going to analyse some of this data in their maths lessons next half term!


Last week, the Year 4 children helped to collect and count the cans. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations. A particular thanks go to the children of Y3R, who managed 33 cans, and to Nursery and Reception. In total, the children and parents from our Foundation Stage donated 46 cans for the South Tyneside Food Bank.


DSC03423 DSC03421 DSC03420 DSC03419 DSC03418



Wow! 249 cans so far!

Our School Council members have been carefully counting your cans of food. They were thrilled to find that our first ‘Canny Friday’ resulted in 249 cans being collected for the South Tyneside Food Bank.

We’re looking forward to our next Canny Friday (17th March) already!


Hospitality and Hope visit the School Council

School Council members were thrilled to receive a visit from Maureen, a volunteer at Hospitality and Hope. Maureen brought many boxes with her so that all of your cans and dried foods, received as part of our ‘Canny Friday’ initiative, can be stored safely.

The School Council cannot wait to count all of the donations received so far.

DSC03240 DSC03243

Canny Friday!

This half term, our School Council are collecting donations of canned and other dried foods to help the South Tyneside Food Bank. Providing emergency food parcels for local individuals and families in crisis, the food bank is run by ‘Hospitality and Hope’. This is a Christian faith based charity that was established in 2002 to help support vulnerable individuals from within our community.Webpost_cansoffood

Donations of canned and dried foods for the food bank can be sent into school with your child each Friday. Our School Council members will be involved in sorting these donations, prior them being collected by the charity.

The first ‘Canny Friday’ will be held on Friday 10th March. The event will continue to be held, each Friday, until the end of term.


Little Dribblers

We have been very lucky in Nursery as we have taken part in the Little Dribblers programme.

This is run by Sunderland Football Club and a special coach, Caroline, came to see us every week to teach us some football skills.

The children loved it, as did the staff and it was lovely to see so many of the children make huge progress in their physical skills in such a short space of time.

She is now working with the Reception children so keep watching the website for updates.

DSC02881 DSC02882    DSC02886              DSC02900   DSC02905  DSC02908  DSC02910  DSC02912  DSC02914 DSC02915  DSC02917 DSC02918      DSC02924    DSC02928       DSC02936      DSC02942      DSC02950  DSC02952   DSC02955 DSC02956

Nursery Library Visit

Reading is a high priority in Harton Primary and we try to nurture a love of books and reading from  Nursery.

We invited all children and parents to accompany us to the local library to listen to stories and take part in craft activities.  We really enjoyed this visit and the children got a lot from it.

We looked for signs of literacy on the journey down to the library and the children were fantastic at spotting signs!

The staff in the library were very welcoming and all children created their own version of Elmer the elephant.  Some children even joined the library while we were there.  We are really grateful for the support from all of our parents.

DSC03028 DSC03030 DSC03037 DSC03038   DSC03041 DSC03048 DSC03049  DSC03060 DSC03063 DSC03064 DSC03065 DSC03066   DSC03069 DSC03070 DSC03071 DSC03072 DSC03073 DSC03074  DSC03076  DSC03078 DSC03079 DSC03080  DSC03082 DSC03083 DSC03084 DSC03093 DSC03094 DSC03095 DSC03096 DSC03097 DSC03099 DSC03100 DSC03101  DSC03103   DSC03106 DSC03107 DSC03108 DSC03109 DSC03110