Looking for the signs of Autumn

This week we went for a walk around our school garden to look for signs of Autumn.  This is what we found….

Feeding the birds

We have been finding out about the changes in weather and were thinking about the birds during Winter, so we decided to put food out for them.

First we needed to make bird feeders.  So we used the orange skin, string and then added the bird feed, lastly we hung them in the trees, now we just need to watch for the birds.


Harton Nursery’s Chick Watch

We get eggs delivered to school every Spring.  These are very special eggs because they come in an incubator.  Over the days, we get to see the chicks hatch out of their shells.I  t is very hard work.  So far, five chicks have hatched.  Maybe some more will hatch soon?

We made a film about the chicks.  We hope you like it.


….And by Saturday – all 10 chicks had hatched.  Here they are enjoying breakfast!

‘All things grow with love.’

We have been taking care of our Nursery garden, removing the weeds and watering our daffodil bulbs.  Everybody in Nursery has planted bulb, we are going to give them some love and watch them grow over the next few months.