Woodland Trust Project

Each class, from nursery to Year  6, has been involved in planting trees delivered by the Woodland Trust. We’ve planted them in our yard, in the far field and around the car park. It has been a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work as part of a team and to help the environment. Toffee even joined some of the children. Can you spot him?

We can’t wait to see the trees grow!


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Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

In Nursery we have been learning the Nursery rhyme ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’.

During this time we learned about why we use Scarecrows and designed our own out of different shapes! Then the children thought it would be great fun to build their own scarecrows in the garden.

They selected materials that they could use including sticks, different paper and clothes. The children worked as a team to build the scarecrows and they are now doing a wonderful job of protecting our nursery!

Children in Need

It was lovely to see so many children supporting our Non-Uniform Day for Children in Need. The children in Nursery looked amazing! 


Thank you for all of your donations! 

Remembrance Day

Today in Nursery we have been busy baking red poppy biscuits for Remembrance Day.

Once we had washed our hands we were ready to bake.

We gathered our ingredients – flour, sugar, butter and red food colouring.  Weighed out the amounts and took turns to mix the ingredients in the bowl.

Next we rolled out the biscuit dough, cut the biscuit shape and our teachers put them into the oven, as the oven is very hot.

When they were cooked and cooked we added chocolate buttons to finish our poppy biscuits.

Nursery’s spooky, sparkly week!

This week in Nursery the children had a great time preparing for Halloween. We designed and carved pumpkin lanterns, made our own potions and even transformed into witches and wizards.

Later in the week we then celebrated Bonfire night! The children made their own edible ‘sparklers’ using bread sticks and chocolate. They were yummy!

And for our big finale… we made our own fireworks by experimenting with a bottle of coke and some soft mints! See what happened when we added them together!

Nursery’s special visitors

Nursery had some special visitors … two gorgeous baby Rabbits!

We loved having them and got to hold them during their stay. The children were very gentle and carefully stroked the bunnies, showing a good understanding of how to care for animals.

Our Nursery cooking adventures begin.

We have been busy cooking in Nursery.

First we made vegetable soup…


The children helped to chop vegetables to add to our vegetable soup.  Once cooked we all had a taste, it was very delicious.

Then we made Gingerbread men.

We rolled the dough and turns to cut the Gingerbread man shape.



Now we have to wait for them to cook…

Hope they don’t run as fast as they can when we open the oven!

Finally we made rice krispy cakes.

We had help to melt the chocolate, then we added they rice krispies, we mixed and looked at the texture and talked about what we noticed.

What do you think we noticed about our krispy cakes?

Autumn is here!

This week we have been looking for signs of Autumn. 

We looked in our school yard to see what we could find.

 Using leaves we made leaf print pictures.